Taking An Exam

IC&RC examinations are developed for exclusive use of IC&RC member boards to use as part of their jurisdictionally specific certification process.

You will need to establish your eligibility with your local Member Board (if you live or work in the UK and Europe, you are already on the right website!) before you can register for an examination, and work directly with it to determine eligibility requirements and the examination registration process. Find your Member Board’s Contact Information Here.

It is extremely important that you know your jurisdiction’s rules, timelines, and processes such as examination registration, administration, and fees regarding taking an IC&RC examination.

IC&RC head office has developed Candidate Guides to provide candidates with detailed information about the IC&RC examination process. Candidate Guides include information on the following topics:

  • Professional Testing Company
  • Examination Development
  • Exam Eligibility Requirements and Registration
  • Exam Administration
  • Examination Dates
  • Rescheduling, Cancelling, and Missed Exams
  • Examination Rules and Security
  • Special Accommodations
  • Scoring of Exams
  • Appeals, Examination Grievances, Test Disclosure, and Retakes
  • Examination Content
  • Sample Questions
  • Examination Reference List

The Candidate Guide for the IC&RC examination in the UK and Europe can be found on the Examination Prep page.