FAQs: frequently asked questions

Q: Is the £100 due yearly or every two years?

A: £100 is due every 2 years (works out at only £50/year).

Q: Where can I find bank details?

A: Bank details can be found at the end of forms under the Apply/Renew tab on this website.

Q: How many CPDs are needed per year or is it every 2 years?

Every 2 years; 40 CPDs across 2 years including 6 hours Ethics and 6 hours Blood borne viruses.

Q: How do I become certified?

A: Click here for details.

Q: How do I renew my certification?

A: Click here for details.

Q: How do I get international certification – what is the reciprocity process?

A: Click here for details, from the US head office.

Q: I am trying to get reciprocity from the US to the UK, have been charged but still need assistance. What is your process for certification – any additional qualifications and/or application and cost to certify with you without testing, since my reciprocal materials have been done and approved?

A: We have confirmed that the reciprocity paperwork has reached us and is in order – so you now have reciprocity with UK board. You do not need to gain any further examinations or CPD. 

Q: Where are exam test centres for the ADC exams in the UK?