That my primary goal is recovery for the client, that I have a total commitment to provide the highest quality care for those who seek my professional services.

That I shall evidence a genuine interest in all clients and do hereby dedicate myself to the best interest of the clients.

That I shall maintain at all times an objective professional relationship with all clients.

That I shall be willing to recognise when it is in the best interest of the client to release them to another program or counselling professional.

That I shall adhere to all the professional rules of confidentiality in maintenance and distribution of records, material, and knowledge concerning the client and respect the integrity and protect the welfare of the person or group with whom I am working.

That I shall respect the rights and views of other counsellors and professionals.

That I will assign credit to all that have contributed to any published materials and for the work upon which the publications are based.

That I will not in any way discriminate between clients or fellow professionals based on race, religion, age, gender, disability, creed, sexual orientation or economic status.

That I shall maintain institutional policies and management functions, but will take initiative toward improving such policies when it will better serve the interest of the client.

That I have a commitment to assess my own personal strengths, limitations, biases and effectiveness on a continuing basis; that I shall continuously strive for self-improvement; that I have a personal responsibility for professional growth through further education and training.

That I will claim or imply only the professional credentials that I possess and be responsible for correcting any known misrepresentations of my credentials by others.

That I shall co-operate with duly constituted professional Ethics Boards and promptly supply necessary information unless constrained by demands of confidentiality rules and laws.

That I shall recognise the effect of professional impairment on professional performance and should be willing to seek appropriate treatment for myself or for a colleague and support peer assistance programs in this respect.